Student Evaluations

In-Person Classes

“Dr. van Raalte is an outstanding instructor and her care for student progress and improvement in this course has really made it an amazing class to take.”

Deceptive Communication

“Love the professor! She made the class material relatable, memorable and taught in a very open way that was very intriguing. Was always fully paying attention throughout all classes. Would absolutely take a course with this professor again.”

Interpersonal Communication

“I loved Lisa’s lecture style. It was up to the students what grade we got, if we tried hard then our grade would reflect that. The class was relaxed, yet challenging which is what I love. Overall, Lisa is an excellent professor and I would definitely take another course from her.”

Public Speaking

“I enjoyed the energy our instructor brought to the classroom. This is a theory and stats driven course and I did not expect it to be anything more than extremely dry. Our instructor definitely blew that expectation out of the water.”

Advanced Research Methods

“I think this class is brilliant. You gave a lot of interesting information in a way that was entertaining. You held a standard and did not budge from it which I really respect. Thank you for a wonderful semester I hope we cross paths again!”

Nonverbal Communication

“I love how Dr. Van Raalte encourages discussions and participation amongst the class members. Emails were answered quickly, extra credit , and office hours were at our disposition .”

Family Communication

Online Classes

“Dr. van Raalte is by far the best professor I’ve had. Her amazing lectures and feedbacks were very supportive to me during this class. I learned a lot and benefited from this course..”

Family Communication

“Dr. van Raalte has gone above and beyond to close the “distance” in “distance education,” and the passion she has for the course topic shines through consistently. Learning from her has truly been a privilege, and as someone who wants to become a professor myself, I consider her an exemplary role model.”

Affectionate Communication in Close Relationships

“Dr. van Raalte is an excellent professor very knowledgeable in the field. The coursework was much heavier than any other class and was difficult to get through. The exams covered several chapters at a time but the chapters were very dense with information, making it difficult to process it all in time. The subject matter is interesting and Dr. van Raalte was helpful throughout the semester, but the structure of the course was challenging.”

Communication Studies Research & Methods

“This has been one of my favorite courses I have taken my entire masters program. Professor Raalte provided us with videos each week that was really nice as a review and helped prepared for the next week. It also helped to feel closer to her as a professor even though it was for an online class. She always helped us to understand what we can improve on to do better next time to make a better grade. She was also prompt in answering emails and always encouraged us to relate the readings to previous weeks and the outside world. She consistently fostered great communication between all the students for an online class. I really hope she teaches another class in the program as I would sign up for her first.”

Sexual and Affectionate Communication

“Hands down one of my favorite professors, I wish I could have taken Dr. van Raalte in person. She is so sweet and willing to help in anyway possible. Every day we have something to turn in and do for the class, and she never fails to give feedback to help us improve. I hope to take more courses with her in the future.”

Interpersonal Communication
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