COMS 1361 Public Speaking

COMS 2386 Interpersonal Communication

COMS 4365 Nonverbal Communication

COMS 4366 Deceptive Communication

COMS 4386 Family Communication

COMS 4387 Relational Communication

COMS 5331 Comm. Studies Methods and Research

COMS 5332 Statistical Methods for Communication

COMS 5390 Sexual Communication

COMS 5390 Affectionate Comm. in Close Relationships

COM 110 Elements of Interpersonal Communication

COM 230 Small Group Communication

COM 225 Public Speaking

COM 308 Advanced Research Methods

COM 310 Relational Communication

COM 317 Nonverbal Communication

COM 408 Quantitative Research Methods in Communication

SP 151 Personal and Public Speech

SP 251 Principles of Effective Public Speaking

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