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Psychology Today: Close Communication

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Why Public Outreach?

The purpose of public outreach is to get empirical research findings to the general population. So much of what we (academics and social scientists) research is published in peer reviewed journals and read only by other academics. But the truth is, research can HELP others. A big goal in my research is to find ways in which we can improve our relationships through communication. Even small adjustments in our behavior can make a BIG impacts on our relational quality and personal health.

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Cuddling article by Maylin Tu

The Science of Love – Valentines Edition

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What Your Spit Can Tell Us About How You Communicate

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The Science of Communication

Today @ Sam News Story
Dr. van Raalte’s experiment on Cuddling Behaviors for Married Couples is described in chapter 38.
Podcast Interview with the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships “Relationship Matters” Podcast
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